Whether you are a newbie and just started your small business as a freelancer or have an established small business hiring one or more employees, you are bound to come across some mistakes.

You just can’t avoid them.

As with anything in life, some mistakes can have more serious repercussions than others..and they could at the very best, stop your business from growing, or at the very worst, lead you to close your business.

So I´ve put together the 4 most common mistakes that affect small businesses, so you can try your very best to avoid them.  

Here we go…

Trap #1: You Don´t Have A Website

In 2019, there really is no excuse for not having a website.

But 51% of small business don´t have websites and the reasons may vary but here´s the most common reason I come across:

¨ I am have a local business- I don´t need a website.¨

Well… 97% of online searches are by customers looking for products and services and more than half of these are local searches like ¨plumber in Nairobi¨.

So by not having a website, even a very basic one, you are missing on a lot of opportunities to get and serve your customers, form partnerships and grow your business and even revenue.

So, my advice…get a website!

But what about cost I hear you ask? Well…check out my affordable web design packages.

Trap #2: You Don´t Do Marketing

It´s not easy to get new customers and most small businesses may only rely on word of mouth as their sole marketing strategy.

Some of my clients say the biggest hurdles of marketing for them is not having enough time or that marketing costs too much money.

In the age of social media and the smartphone, anyone can do free marketing at any time with little to no cost as long as they have the right tools and right process in place.

To get repeat customers, you also have to drive them back to your store/website, and offer them incentives to continue to do business with you.

You could do email marketing which 89% of marketers say is their primary channel for lead generation. All you need to do is first collect email addresses.

Social media is a great way of keeping in regular contact with your customer base and encouraging repeat visits with incentives.

Need help figuring out which social media channel is best for your business or help gathering email addresses from your website? Find out how I can help you.

Trap#3: You Are Avoiding New Technology

I am a bit biased on this but I have seen technology definitely gives you a competitive advantage but only if used properly and strategically.

I understand that getting to grips with tech can be intimidating at first, but just like anything new, you´ll find it easier as you get accustomed to it. 

Do you need help to find out which tech tools/apps you need to build and grow your business faster? Sign up for my digital productivity coaching sessions and I’ll help you figure it out faster.

You can also check out the tools I use to run my own business here.

Trap#4: You Don´t Appreciate Your Customers

Your customers literally have a world full of choices open to them – how do you keep them coming back and spending their hard-earned money on you – not your competition?

It´s a conscious decision for your customers – to take the time and effort to do business with you.

You in turn should make a conscious effort to show them you appreciate them.

80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customer base i.e. your most loyal customers…

Which is 72% of visits to your business!

How to show them you appreciate them? So many ways are open to you – send them discounts or free gifts if possible using a loyalty programme if possible.

Want to brainstorm ways you can easily set up customer appreciation workflows? Let´s figure it out together.

Hopefully now you will not fall into these common traps and your small business will flourish.

You have made the biggest leap by starting your business so let’s make sure together that it is a success. 

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