You Are In The Right Place If...

You’ve googled your heart out , gotten tips from friends, and tried other people’s systems but something just isn’t clicking.

You don’t want to be stuck at this stage of your journey for another day . Something has to change.

You need your business to grow, but you just can’t work any harder than you already are.

You feel torn whenever you take a moment away from work to enjoy time with your loved ones, because nothing gets done without you.

You want to automate mundane tasks but keep the humanity in your work.

You have been overworked for sometime  and you know it’s unsustainable.

You are not 100% sure what kind of support you need or where to start.

Workflow & Digital Productivity Coaching Sessions

Are you overwhelmed by all the apps out there?

Not sure where to start with choosing the best fit for your business?

Tired of shelling out money for apps that you don’t make the best use of?

Are you tired of cookie-cutter courses  or articles of information you already have?

I hear you. 

I have been in your shoes and getting the most of out of tech doesn’t have to be so hard.

I can help you leverage tech so you can make your business processes more sustainable, profitable and even fun, without taking the humanity out of it.

Just like your business is unique, each coaching experience will be unique. 

Pick the package that fits the changes you want to make.

My most booked package is The Standard.

Starting from $75

The standard

  • Perfect if you need immediate tips on a specific issue or specific project
  • Discovery Questionnaire to bring clarity to what you need help with
  • Analysis of your current workflows & productivity systems
  • Revamp of your current workflow
  • Written summary of my recommendations & tips

Starting from $175

The premium

  • Perfect great for either going deeper in one area or taking a broader look at your business as a whole.
  • Two 60 minute meeting (in-person or virtually) to discuss & strategize about your business needs
  • Revamping existing workflows or creating brand new workflows.
  • Written summary of our conversation, plus recommendations and action plan.


"The work Eve did was beyond my expectation. She is very professional and went the extra mile to ensure my website was up and running in just a few days. She provided me with advice on the best options for my site. She's creative and grasped my requirements very fast. I highly recommend her services for no-fuss quick and professional work."
" The entire process of working with Eve has been stress-free and so beneficial. She's dedicated and thorough. I will be using her services again and would highly recommend her."
Duncan Hill
"A professional yet friendly person to work with. Goes out of her way to get things done on time. Very patient and calm. A real pleasure to work with. Also the website she created is awesome, the colour scheme, concept, ease of use."
Arva Adnan
Homeware Retailer
"Eve comes up solutions you haven't thought of; her keen focus to research, learn and implement the latest technology to make your day-to-day easier so you have more time to focus on what you do best in your business. Highly recommended!"

Email Marketing Packages

Have you been thinking about setting up a welcome series but just don’t have the time or not sure where to start?

Do you need help with mailing out details of your product or services launch so you can concentrate on other things?

Or is the tech side of putting together a 5 day challenge or email course doing your head in?

Let me take the pressure off and help you be more visible, have a greater impact and be less stressed.

Starting from $75

MailChimp Starter

  • Personalised introduction
  • 3 articles or updates based on existing content
  • Insertion of 3 graphics or photos
  • Scheduled delivery of newsletter
  • One graphic to use on social media to promote your newsletter item.

Starting from $175

MailChimp Automation

  • A tailor-made Mailchimp template in your brand's colour scheme
  • 5 emails written for you
  • Set up of triggers and segmentation
  • Creation of one graphic per email
  • Testing & Scheduling
  • Additional emails can be added at $50 per email. Ask me for a quote if you have written copy and it's ready to go

Website Design Packages

How many products or services do you search for online every day?

Now, imagine you are your customer.

Is your current website up to the task?

Or is similar to a maze- hard to navigate and easy to get lost in?

Not mobile-friendly?

No one know what it is exactly you offer or really what you do?

Let me fix that for you – whether you need a landing page or a full-spec e-commerce website or perhaps you need to revamp your existing website.

You deserve to have an online presence you’re proud of but you don’t have to pay a fortune to get it.

Starting from $175

LAuncher- ready in a week

  • Perfect if you just need an online presence, focusing on lead generation or only offering a few services or products
  • Easy to manage CMS (online page editor)
  • Custom landing page
  • Maximum 5 pages
  • You provide all content, logos, images.
  • Domain registration and hosting are separate cost and depends on the plan you choose

Starting from $135

Revamp - Ready in A Week

  • Perfect if your website is a tad outdated and needs a fresh makeover
  • Easy to manage CMS (online page editor)
  • Custom design
  • Up to 10 pages total
  • You provide all the content, logos, images
  • Migrate existing or add new content
  • Domain registration and hosting are separate cost and depends on the plan you choose

Take A Peak At My Other Services

Join AfroHersler Club

The 1st & Only monthly subscription box specifically curated for African Female Solopreneurs by other African Female Solopreneurs - to educate, inspire, support and celebrate your hustle.

Listen to Podcast

The AfroHersler Podcast is for the sidehustler and budding solopreneur, who wants to understand the 'how' and the 'why'of building profitable businesses in the African context.


It´s like having your personal cheerleader, sounding board and friendly, patient teacher rolled in one. I provide my clients with support so that they never have to wrestle with anything alone. They always have a friendly, helpful, and supportive person right there next to them, ready to help you get unstuck and back to the fun parts of running a business.

No need to worry about this. Before we begin working together, we will hop on a quick video call to get to know each other and make sure we are both a good fit. If either of us isn’t feeling it, we won’t go any further. If we click, we’ll begin what I’m sure will be a fun and rewarding relationship.

I’ll be honest with you, if you know what you need to do and still haven’t done it, you absolutely need this.

In addition to workflow planning and implementation, you’ll receive daily check-ins and support. That means I actually ask you what you are working on each day, how it’s going, and how much progress you made. I’ll help you find the time to make real progress on your workflows so that you can stop working harder and start working smarter.

Yes! Talk to me and we’ll figure out a payment plan that works.

Due to the nature of the services, no refunds will be issue for any reason.

I can! Setups can be added on to any coaching package. Ask me about rates and what’s included.

The first step is to click here and fill out this form. I’ll be in touch shortly after I receive your form to schedule our “get to know each other” video call. No need to dress up for this call and feel free to bring something to drink. (I’ll likely be wearing yoga pants and drinking coffee or peach sparkling water.)

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